Life the summer of your life in Camp Spain
Alberto Menárguez / 03 Apr 2019

Can you imagine spending a whole summer in a new country, surrounded by a different culture, traveling and discovering the world? And if they also paid you for it and you lived one of the most incredible experiences of your life? Stop dreaming and put your feet on the ground, welcome to Camp Spain.


Throughout Summer, a large number of camps of all kinds (technological, aquatic, sports, artistic …) are held in Spain in rural or more urban environments that demand more and more one thing: monitors whose native language is the English. Bilingualism tends to be in all areas and parents are interested in their children see English not as something imposed but as something natural to live with in their day to day.​ That is why the environment of a camp is perfect for children to learn and you, as a monitor, can be a key piece in their learning.

On the other hand, Spain is an ideal destination for summer, since it has great beaches and coastal areas with a lot of atmosphere and you will find fun in every corner of the country, all with a very pleasant climate.

Do you join in, besides spending an amazing summer, helping kids learn your language?


Alberto Menárguez:

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