Do you know our culture?
Alberto Menárguez / 03 Apr 2019

One of the most famous things in the world of food is the Mediterranean diet. You can find all kinds of meals… depending on where you go. Ready to discover the most imitated diet in the entire universe?

If you go to North -like Jon Snow- yo can find delicious things like…

  • Pulpo a la gallega, is probably one of the star dishes of Galician cuisine, omnipresent in the many feiras (parties) that are celebrated all year and especially in August. We recommend you to drink wines like Ribeiro or Monterrei.  In addition, this is typical eat and drink of people who do the Camino de Santiago.
  • The pintxos are snack-sized snacks that are served in bars and taverns throughout the Basque Country. They are the quintessence of Basque cuisine and form the center of local gastronomic culture. In the Basque country there is nothing more typical than going into a bar and finding the whole bar covered with plates full of pintxos. They range from the most traditional, to the most sophisticated haute cuisine experiments, such as grilled foie gras with white bean cream. The best known areas to go for pintxos are the old town of San Sebastián and the neighborhood of the marina in Hondarribia. If you want to make the most of your time, you may be interested in participating in a pintxos tour. Also, in the Basque Country you will find many scenes that were shot in a game of thrones, how miss the opportunity to enjoy the best food of the north and its landscapes?


Now, you can go to our sunny beaches in cities such as Valencia, Mallorca or Barcelona. In these places you can find the truly Mediterranean diet in which you can not miss things like…

  • Our famous paella!!  Who does not want to know how the authentic paella tastes? It is a dish of humble origin, described for the first time in Spain in the Albufera area of ​​Valencia. The popularity of this dish has meant that it has now expanded with a large number of variants adapted in the ingredients to the different regions of Spanish cuisine. Paella has become one of the icons of Spanish cuisine.
  • It is perfect to spend the morning on the beach and eat paella in a restaurant next to the sea, with a bottle of wine and enjoy the sun at the same time.

This is just a sneak peak of what you could eat if you come to Spain, we have so many dishes to try as ensaimada of Mallorca or ensaladilla rusa of Mar menor.

What are you waiting for discover our culture and enjoy our incredible food?



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