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sozpic / 05 Mar 2019

If you use gmail or google apps, the most common is that the information mail you have requested arrives after confirming it in the promotions tray. You only have to perform these three steps so that Jobiie emails reach you in the inbox.

If you confirm your mail and it does not reach you at the moment, do not worry, it usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes to arrive. Once you receive it you have to follow these instructions.

  • Within your gmail mail we see three tabs. You have to click on the promotions tab.


imagen 1 promociones

Once you have located the mail of, click on the right button of the mouse, click on “Move to the tab” and click on “Main”


imagen 2 promociones


  • You will see a window like the one you can see in the photo and ask if you want to do the same with all the emails of, click on “YES” and that way you will get all the Jobiie emails


imagen 3 promociones


With these 3 simple steps you can receive all our emails and you can also become a Jobiier and live traveling.'



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