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No, you cannot. We are in charge to place you in the Summer Camp which suits more your profile and background. It is where really you can feel confident and being useful.
The salaries for a Camp counsellor can be around €150-€200 per week, therefore in a little more than a week you will be able to recover your fee. Keeping on mind that you do not have to pay the main expenses, such as accommodation and food you will far earn enough to save money and to travel around Spain.
Summer Camps take place during the month of July , so you should have an availability at least 2 of weeks during that period of time.
Our camps are placed in the nature, some in the mountains, others at the seaside. All of them count on the best facilities to make you feel like home but you have to keep in mind that you will be living in a natural environment placed in a typical camp so you will share the room at least with 4 people as well as the bathroom. Camp Spain is a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends. It's time to live together!
The total amount of kids per camp should be between 70 and 100 .
It is depends on the summer camp but generally you will work between 8-10 hours per day during 6 days a week.
No, you don't. Knowing spanish is not mandatory to participate in Camp Spain. You are only required to be a english native speaker. However if you know some spanish you will have the chance to practice it!
The best way to guarantee a place in this programme is making the first deposit of 300€ . This payment will let you participate in the hiring process to get a job offer in a summer camp.
After the first payment, in the remote case that we can't find you an official Camp offer, that fee is completely refundable. You are not happy, we are not happy.
If you decide to drop the program by your own decision money is not refundable. Money will be only refundable if we don't get you a summer camp.
Camp Spain only collaborate with Camps with a properly set of conditions and always we are sure the offer matches with your profile. So, if you do not accept, we have done our job, we are happy and the fee is not refundable.
Every case is different, regard with profile and moment of the year, but usually in a few weeks you should have hold the interview and have the official offer.
Soon pre book is necessary in order to keep your seat in the programme, but the Camps normally start to prepare their new Season after March. For this reason, the peak season of the interviews time is during March and May. Interviews will be on Skype.
Be talkative, don't be shy to speak first. Smile all the time, camps want happy people. Remember to dress appropiately, a picture paints a thousands words. Be online on time
We are proud to say that all our summercamps meet the highest quality standar rules, so that is something unlikely. If that happen we have done our job so the fee is not refundable.
Once you do the interview and get a job in a summercamp, it's time to make the final deposit of 290€. With this payment you will confirm officially your seat and having access to our Camp Counselour Course.
In order you can work legally in Spain with us you need to get your NIE number and International Child Protection Certificate.
Fallen in love with Spain? Yeah, we understand that feeling. After spending the best Summer in your life, we have opportunities for standing and working during Winter time in Spain with some of our other brands, like www.SpeakingSchool.es and continuing doing what you love more.
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