Camp Counselor
Do you want to be Camp Counselor?
Camp Counselor

Thinking about spending the summer of your life working with kids as a Camp Counselor?

Work as a Camp Counselor means being responsible for planning, leading and implementing core and non-core programs and experiences for children. You will be responsible for the general safety and development, growth and skills achievement of the participants. This program provides you the chance of spending the summer working and travelling without  invest too much money.

You will be able to spend your salary in your hobbies and travel. With this and the help of jobiie, you will only have to worry about enjoying an experience that, for sure, will be unforgettable.

Where do you want to go?
Do not hesitate anymore!
Achieve your dream of being a Camp Counselor with Jobiee!
Why jobiie?
  • We found the perfect trip for you
    We found the perfect trip for you

    Through Find My Jobiie, we seek the ideal program for you. We provide all the Information you need about your destination before leaving, including the price of flight tickets and the places you should not miss.

  • Economic facilities
    Economic facilities

    We know that traveling is a big investment. Therefore, we design our programs so that you can finance your trip thanks to the money you will earn working. In addition, we offer flexibility in payments so that anyone can participate.

  • Become part of the Jobiie community
    Become part of the Jobiie community

    Thanks to our social network, you can connect with people about to live the same experience as you to exchange valuable information and even forge a great friendship. From Jobiie we will be by your side to help you, as well as to share all the good moments that you live. We will be part of your trip.

¿Do you want to live traveling but you don’t have enough money to do it?
Do not worry about that, you can do it withough needing a lot of meney. In this blog we can show you how to do it.
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