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What is jobiie?

jobiie is a Brand within the jobiie group, group counting with brands like Let´s Live USA, FP jobiie school, jobandyou and jobiie Spain.

Brands focus on cultural Exchange programes for USA, Europe, Spain, or vocational training.


We are a young people organization who love travelling and getting to know new cultures.

We believe that the only way to really get to know other culture is to live there for a while. It is an experience that allow you to broaden your horizons, it changes the way you see things, it opens your mind, one person leaves and other completly different returns

When you live a cultural exchange experience like this type, there is something inside you that changes, you become a worldwide citizen with other kind of priorities. You catch up a new life perspective, life teaches you something that is not learned anywhere. You become a more balanced and happier person.

  • Our staff have been working helping people to work in different countries like USA, Spain and Canada since 2012.

  • a have already helped more that 500 people to find jobs in the Spain during the summer and we are looking forward to help you too.

  • Remember that the first step to direct your profesional future is to train and orient yourself to work.

  • We partner with over one hundred collaborators and we are characterized by proffesionalism, passion and search for excellence. Finding your suitable position and programe abroad can be a complicated process, but Jobiie staff will be with you in every stage of the process.

What is it that move us?

Our participants are our priority.

We are obssesed to create unique and enjoyable international experiences, for this reason we only offer oportunities and programes with a high rate of satisfaction.

We always demand the best of ourselves.

We are honest and in the event we made a mistake, we learn from it and we continue to improve.

We like challenges.

We pursue to take steps forwards the established. Improving our programes, offering innovative proposals for personal and profesional development,  help participats to achieve their goals. We always seek to go further.

We have fun.

We were in your shoes before and we love what we do. It is a really pleasure to help more and more participants every year to accomplish their Spanish dream.

We have already helped more than 1000 jobiiers to have international experiences.

What are you waiting for to become the next #jobiier?

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