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Born from a pure love and great, almost unusual passion for a country that never fails to impress, jobiie was created with the aim to spread multiples human values. Meet our fantastic crew:

Alberto Ménarguez

Our Sales Director and CEO of jobiie, he is a proactive and empathetic person, his enthusiasm and motivation has made this company to be one of the leading camp providers in the market. He loves chocolate and reading.

Diego López

Director of operation, with an international vocation and delight for the constant learning and improvement. he enjoys discovering new places, learning about new cultures and then sharing his experiences with the world.


An explorer at heart, born in Romania and now base in Spain, our Marketing publicity coordinator loves getting to discover Europe from her Spanish base. In addition to traveling, she enjoys learning languages, checking out new bars and restaurants, and keeping a photographic record of it all.


Rosa is graduated in Tourism, she is our expert in traveling information and knows the best hideout in Spain. When she’s not working, she enjoys photographing life on the Mediterranean, jet-setting around Europe, and going to as many Spanish festivals as possible. Responsible of the international relation of Camp Spain by jobiie.

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