A day in a Nature Camp
Alberto Menárguez / 27 Aug 2019
Camp Spain
A day in a Nature Camp

In the middle of July, Camp Spain team went to Cei El Jarama, one of our nature camps, to visit our lovely camp counselor, Chloe.

Chloe is from Ireland and since she was a child love being in contact with nature. Also she is very sweet and cheerful and like playing with children so she was the ideal candidate for this nature camp.

When we arrived to the camp, she was already waiting for us to show us? how day as a conselour was.

During the week, children woke up at 8:00 am in the morning, have breakfast at 9:00 am and at 10:00 am they have to be ready to start with the camp activities.

At 10:00 am o clock Chloe with the help of other counselor lead her group of children to the zip line. She was in charge of guiding them to there and help them to put properly the harness as well as supervise the activity.

Around 12:00 am once all the children had been hanging from zip lines, Chloe took them to swim in the river that pass through the camp. She was also swiming with them to keep an eye.

After swiming, was the lunch time, where we could taste the delicious home made food of the camp.

In the afternoon Chloe, took her group of children to the horse stable because It was ride horsing time. She was in charge of going with them to prevent a fall.

After having dinner, Chloe and the other counselors were in charge of organised the evening games and after this wonderful day everybody went to sleep.


Alberto Menárguez:

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